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Mosaic Art, Cowboy Art, Whimsical Art, Drawings or Abstract Art!

"Here you'll find Mosaic Art on mirrors, many in a Western Cowboy Style, Whimsical Watercolor and Pastel Paintings, Pen and Ink Drawings and Abstract acrylic paintings on paper or canvas! "No matter what the subject matter or medium, interesting shapes and patterns and a playful freedom characterize my work. Not interested in reproducing things as I see them, I would much rather express a unique viewpoint, emotion, fun or drama! My greatest reward is when others appreciate my unique approach and understand what I have to say whether it be in jest or in earnest. When my work is understood, I know I've communicated well through the most eloquent of Languages, Art."

If you are an art appreciator who enjoys whimsical watercolor, pastel or acrylic paintings, dynamic abstracts or unusual mosaics you will enjoy browsing through the galleries on this site.

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whimsical "joe" series
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